The final project

This project wraps up all the skills in the class so far:

  • Ask an interesting question or highlight a problem to be solved

  • Get the necessary data to address it, performing EDA as needed to clean it

  • Analysis - question dependent

  • Communicating your results: notebook + presentation + website

A note on ambition

The goal of the project is not to simply take a pre-cleaned dataset and run a basic analysis. You should collect data, from one or many sources, and combine them into a usable, clean dataset.

Ambition is a non-trivial portion of the grade. Ambition in data acquisition, analysis methods, and website presentation will be considered and rewarded.


As with any (interesting) project, the path from now to completion will not be a straight line.

So, to keep us on track, the project will have several deliverable stages, according to the schedule. Changes to that master schedule supersede any dates below.