2.4. File references should work on any computer!


“Absolute” filepaths are absolutely bad and will result in automatic point deductions in this class when spotted.

If any of the code loads a file by loading C:\Users\DonBowen\Desktop\Death_is_Which_Way\build\input\got1.txt, then that code will not work on your computer, or if I move my folder within my own computer!

That long file path is called an “absolute path”. No matter where you put your code, it will look for a file with that entire path.

Instead, use relative file paths, which only tells your code where to look relative to the current folder. So, now, clean_data.py loads ..\input\got1.txt. The ..\ tells it to look “one level up”, then inside the input folder.

(Aside: You can go up two levels with ..\..\ and so on…)

If you use relative paths, your code can work on anyone’s computer. This is kind of the point!