10. The Future

What’s next?

  1. Important! Save your coursework to your computer. Your assignment repos on github will be deleted soon.

  2. You will be added to the secret discussion board for class alumni.

    • The idea is that employers ask faculty in the department where the best finance students are that know python, and that’s you.

    • The alumni board makes it easy for me to share these opportunities.

    • You’re welcome to post in the group to let each other know about opportunities at your current organizations when you need to find good people.

  3. Update your GitHub email to use a non-Lehigh address. (Lehigh deletes your email after graduation.)

  4. I added some bonus content after this page:

I hope you’ve enjoyed the class and learned a bunch! This class is only an introduction to what can be done; clearly, there are galaxies of material on data science broadly and its possible applications to solve important (finance-related) problems. But you have the starting toolkit to explore that galaxy of possibility now.

My sincere hope is that this class has opened up some doors for you, whether you end up developing code to solve a problem for your company or end up managing a group of devs that are doing the coding.

I wish you all the best in the future and look forward to hearing about all the great things you do. Go forth, Mountain Hawks!

Thinking both about you-and-data-science, and you-and-me…