The Hall of Awesomeness

Learning is joyful. Keeping that in mind, this page is here to celebrate and trumpet the accomplishments of prior students, and inspire the next batch of students.


Employers: If you are looking for a great person to poach for your firm, everyone on this page has my recommendation. Email me if you want details or contact info.

LeDataSciFi LeContest Champions

Each year, the final assignment is a contest that gives students a chance to showcase their accumulated skills.

The stakes are high! The winner walks away with a trophy, and gets their name emblazoned on the super high quality trophy.

Trophy Front


2024: Hana Dinh


2023: Nicole ElChaar


2022: Theo Faucher


2021: Zhongrui Zhang


Great Projects

Every year, students put together great projects. Some of these are below. The modal project creates an awesome website. In 2022, Wall Street Bets was the first team to make a dashboard. In 2023, more teams made dashboards.

Note: Dashboards on streamlit may take a few minutes to load initially if they haven’t been used in a while. Please let me know if any of the below don’t work anymore.



Lana Butorovic, Austen Johnson, Joseph Min, and Ryan Schmid (here or here)

App to generate optimal portfolio weights after risk aversion quiz and its source repo

Brooks Walsh, Taylor Sheridan, Tommy McDade

Dashboard of Boston AirBnBs showing listings and Census demographic data by neighborhood along with machine learning price suggestions based on user chosen factors. Source repo here and backend repo here.

Anders Seline

Senate Trade Tracker Bot

Juan Mozos, Matthew Sam, Luca Fontaine

Dashboard to explore how different industries are affected by key events in Russian-Ukrainian war. Source repo here.

Jersey Krupp, Qiyu Yang, Kyra Grodman

Dashboard to explore how the supply chain network reformed and changed following the pandemic. Source repo here.

Nicole ElChaar, Xiaozhe (“Josh”) Zhang, Mason Otley

Dashboard vizualizing ESG scores and market performance of S&P 500 companies from 2015 to 2023. Source report here and backend repo here.


ESG and performance


Replicate “Lazy Prices”

Alpha Dogs

Predicting Argi-futures with Climate Data

Team Crushers

When Markets Invert: The GameStop Effect (slides and analysis)


Crypto Return Factors

Some former students’ websites

Students put together sites to show off their portfolio of work.

Amazing TAs

This class is not possible without them.

2020: Daniel Appierto


2021: Jason Dinh


2022: Julio Veracruz


2023: Mike Rich