Interested but unsure?

A request from me to you

  • If you have any questions during the enrollment period, please reach out to me via email. I’m happy to help you assess your fit for the class, or provide pointers to get through the “bootcamp” on the next page.

  • If you do the bootcamp, I’d love to hear your feedback. Which class did you try? Did you like it? How much time did you spend and what did you cover?

This class is essentially an applied Python course, because mastering it opens a lot of possibilities (see here, here, here, and here).

To encourage access, this class was set up without a coding pre-req. However, there is no avoiding the reality that programming is a skill you can only learn by doing. If you have not coded before, you will have a steeper curve at the beginning of the class.

You should know:

  1. Every year, students with little or no coding background succeed in this class.

  2. You will have tremendous support because we want to see you succeed!

    • The class is designed to be accessible (with focus on achievable on-ramps to applied problems, no CompSci theory)

    • I invest in you: There is a TA, and we probably offer more office hours in the initial weeks of the semester than any class you have ever taken

  3. The pre-class bootcamp is meant to level the playing field.

    • Very quickly you’ll have code running, which is exciting!

    • Any work you do before the semester will make the class easier. (High ROI.)

    • Suggested time investment: 10-20 hours will put you in great shape for the class.